Training on the beach!

Over July and August 2013 all 3 groups of Future Performers will be taking Part in the “Performers Pre Season sessions” which will mix up Gym sessions including technique, circuit work, and conditioning work on Exmouth Beach! Join us.
There will be a total of 9 sessions, involving all 15 Future Performer members – getting geared up and prepping for their upcoming 2013-14 playing season.
Next Tuesday (9th July), all groups are at Exmouth Beach. We will be working and testing all 3 groups in different areas from the gym in preparation for the other 4 beach sessions over the 2 months.

Fitness Testing

Testing took place at the start of July for the 16, 17 and the 13’s age groups to give us a line where they are at. This gives us an opportunity to give individual targets for the end of august. We will be testing the 14’s group within 2 weeks in the gym.

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